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Yes, Lowes screwed up. But nobody expects a company like Lowes to give away stuff for free. They might be expected to write off a. You're assuming that every point in the line checks forward and checks back. That's just not the case. The 3 computer functions and the dozen physical acts work in isolation without knowing what happened prior or post. The reason for this plentiful. There are legitimate reasons for some things to be shipped for free. There are legitimate reasons for some things to cost nothing. There's legitimate reasons for multiple bits of paperwork that control different parts of the process being generated such a.

It is just a simple logic why they do it the way they did. Each check point is supposed to correctly validate inputs. If it works properly, there should NOT NEED to have redundant validations along the line later on because other processes do not need to know what other process is doing because it is not their job to validate others' work. In this case, the validation happens at the POS d. Well, unless they were under the impression the gift-card-that-kept-on-giving was a magical talisman, I'd have to lean towards some malfeasance. For certain, their story won't be retold on an episode of Criminal Masterminds That's why I am suggesting they return the goods and get a non-custodial sentence rather than "not guilty".

I'm not familiar with the local law, but I don't think it's a crime unless they refuse to give it back. Where I live that would be the default lawful way to go. The article isn't really clear on this, but it doesn't sound like they asked them to give the stuff back at all. Instead, they went to the police and had them arrested for theft, which it obviously wasn't since the so called victim shipped the goods to them.

Where I live the Netherlands , the law is very clear on this: this would definitely not be t. Receiving the money and the sending of the packages will be done by completely different departments.

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On the one side you have a system that verifies if the payment is ok. The moment that is ok, it will be send to the department or company that does the packaging. They have no idea with the pricing or promotions. They just verify if that if there is an OK for payment. They should not even need to do that. I have worked at a company and we had a promotion where if you bought one item, you would get another. And you were correct in your assumption. Looking below, one can find many people blaming Lowe's.

Not the criminals who deliberately exploited this flaw, not the criminals who were trying to resell their ill-gotten goods, not the criminals with piles of merchandise they obviously knew were stolen. Nope, it's all on Lowe's. One can imagine a scenario where people who go to Lowe's, pick up an item and walk out of the store without paying for it would be considered completely absolved of their crime because Lowe's didn't prevent it from happening. Actually, we don't know that "they sold them for free".

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They could have sold them, charged to a gift card that for some reason never has its value decreased. So Lowe's sold items for their regular or sale price, but never received the money the computer system expected.

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Tellingly, eventually someone caught on, and looked into what was happening in this particular circumstance. It may have taken a while, but until numbers get big, many things go unnoticed. I don't know the facts; the article didn't give them. They even have the receipt. Is that theft? Right, nothing beats a five-finger discount for a "good deal", and add free shipping to boot - priceless!

Have you seen any of those coupon shopping reality TV garbage shows? There's an entire subculture of people that do that.


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My brother in law used to work in some kind of security department at Target and he worked on a team that specifically focused on people who had kind of figured out how to exploit the system this way. They were serious enough about it to use the security cameras to track people down to their vehicles. I don't really know if this was actual fraud, like counterfeit coupons or just collections of really lucrative coupons in combination. The casino analogy w. I also have folding table to store my electronic parts, soldering irons and testing equipment.

You forgot to mention that one is also used as your dining table and the other one as your bed in your Japanese style apartment. I have a separate kitchen table and a twin bed. My sqft studio apartment would be a mansion in Japan. In Japan, I would be too skinny to qualify as a sumo wrestler to pounds. Oh, crap! I forgot to take my vitamins this morning!! I've been pissing cheap urine all day!!! Thanks for reminding me!!!! And if their QA tests left a hole like this open, time to hire a new QA manager! When a consumer exploits a bug in the system, they get arrested.

When a corporation or rich person exploits a bug in the system, it's called, "smart tax planning".

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Those are not bugs. They are intentional features, which were implemented deliberately at the request of the highest-paying customers, like most new features.

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One of the suspects' lawyer argued that his client didn't have the skills to penetrate the security on the web site of a Fortune company -- and insisted instead that his client just had a really special knack for finding good deals. It might, but it probably shouldn't, and it probably won't.

They knew what they were doing. Nobody actually thinks a gift card is supposed to keep on giving forever. Did Lowe's contact them, submit a ticket complaining about the problem? Unless they spent 3 hours waiting on the phone, I think they jumped the gun calling the police. Sounds ridiculous? Well that is what Wells Fargo was doing to its customers and it was called an accounting error.

Trying calling the police on Wells Fargo when they are making up bank accounts in your name, or forcing you to buy un-requested care insurance. Not exactly on-topic, but that headline style is absolutely atrocious. EditorDavid, you need to either go read over the Chicago Manual of Style or remove "Editor" from your name. I didn't mean it! Which of course is invalidated the moment they use the 'problem' again for more and more free stuff. Back in the s you'd get the occasional feelgood story on TV about someone using stacks of coupons to get a cartload of goods for a couple dollars.

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They'd use multiple double or triple coupons with a series of other coupons and such to make many of the items free when you bought them with other items that were heavily discounted. But that would be fraud and I would hazard a guess that it would have been mentioned as such. The Victoria's Secret branded tool apron is hot as hell. And who knows what the Victoria's Secret impact drill is actually used for? If you catch my drift.

No one's going to catch that bit of drift unless you provide serious amounts of lube. To be fair, sometimes the limits really are too small to read if your vision is less than perfect. It there is a clear mistake on the wholesaler part and Lowe's clearly exploited it, then it could be prosecuted. Not "arrested" but a fine and damages are to be expected. In fact, even if there is no mistake, this could fall under anti-dumping laws. The issue with the couple is that they already resold the goods for a fraction of the price and thus, can't return them or pay back their debt.

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